Roll Grinding

Using modern high precision CNC grinders, a high quality surface can be achieved resulting in a reconditioned roll to extremely close tolerances.

Our roll grinding machines also include a “B” axis facility which continuously presents the wheel to the component ensuring freedom from feed lines. The machine tools all have full on-board automatic shape measurement to ensure we meet exacting tolerances. Each roll is also automatically NDT inspected for crack and bruise detection. All measured parameters are stored in our Roll Shop Management System and are available to customers at any time.

The benefits to our customers is a high quality ground surface, with shape and profile meeting tight tolerance.

Normal tolerance achieved: Surface Roughness: 0.2 - 1.2μm Ra; Roundness: 0.005mm; Eccentricity: 0.005mm; Straightness of 0.005mm. Special grinding tolerances are possible by request.

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