Surface Texturing

Our parent company Court Holdings Limited was the original pioneer of Electro Discharge Texturing of steel rolls.

EDT offers many advantages over traditional surface texturing techniques, but in particular the precision, control and repeatability gives customers the confidence that their surface specification will be met. The PLC control of the process means that for a given program the texture is consistent across the whole surface and from component to component. Because of the different operating modes that can be applied, we can also vary the surface peak count for a given surface roughness, giving much more flexibility than in the past.

Our EDT capability and flexibility is offered through two machines capable of producing surface textures with high repeatability and over a range of roughness specifications – from 1µm to 12µm.

We are the only British company able to deliver a
texturing service for rollers and cylinders over such a wide
range roughness values and on components up to 800mm
in diameter.