Engineering Services

After 25 years of delivering roll refurbishment services we have developed an expertise around the whole roll assembly which has developed into our Engineering Services operation.

We provide a range of engineering and maintenance services including bearing inspection & maintenance, large component 3D measurement and reclamation of badly damaged rolls.

Building on our experience in steel and aluminium roll grinding, we are also the UK sole distributors of PRO-MIC roll profile measurement instruments, giving customers a local sales and servicing option.

Bearing & chock maintenance

We provide expert bearing inspection and chock maintenance services to keep your rolling mills and process lines performing and productive. Our skilled technicians can conduct regularly scheduled preventative inspections or investigate areas of concern. Standard servicing can include strip down, wash, inspection, re-zone, replace worn components and re-assembly.

If wear, tear or damage is found we can perform minor repairs in-house. For more extensive repairs or reconditioning we can organise the contracting out of the work to provide our customers with a one-stop shop, delivering your serviced and fully repaired chock/bearing back to you and ready to roll.


Ensuring components, plant and equipment meet specified engineering tolerances can be critical in achieving the required performance. TTL know that only too well, having serviced critical components for use in multi-million pound processing lines for many years. Our expertise allows us to provide customers with a contract dimensional inspection, product verification or quality control service.

Using the flexibility and portability of a Faro Edge allows TTL to provide a high level of inspection accuracy whether we carry out the work at our own factory, or at your premises.

Although much of our measurement and inspection business is regular contract work, we are able to take on bespoke or one-off jobs. Please contact us for more information.


As the sole UK (and European) distributors of PRO-MIC roll and cylinder profile measurement instrumentation, we can provide you with the full range of equipment but with the added benefit of local servicing and support.

We can supply instruments to meet a wide range of applications where it is important to know the profile, camber and roundness of your rolls and cylinders. There are over 750 PRO-MIC systems in use daily and serving a wide variety of applications from steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous rolling mills to paper mills, rubber calendaring, plastics and more. In fact any application where a roller is being used to produce or maintain a flat product.

To compliment these high precision instruments, we can also supply PRO-MIC Quantum software which provides Windows PC-based storage and recall of profiles. Compare profiles against standard tolerances, or side by side with other profiles. The PRO-MIC instrument can send data via Bluetooth to the software.

We can help you meet demanding engineering
standards through component inspection, servicing,
measurement and repair